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The average person sees about 10,000 commercial visuals a day. Yet, research shows we can only process about 1% of the visual information we encounter. If a picture is worth a thousand words, where does this excess leave us?

In The Visual Detox, art expert and businesswoman Marine Tanguy explains how the imagery we see shapes our wellbeing. She gives us new tools to think critically about images, combat information overload and participate more in the visual world around us by engaging with the art and content that improves our day-to-day experiences online, at work, in our homes and in public spaces.

Drawing on science and insightful case studies, she shows us how to:

· learn the type of thinker you are (spatial, visual, verbal?);
· understand our brains’ interpretation of visual language;
· decode the subtle negative messages in popular culture;
· devise tiny hacks to block out the online noise
· curate your surroundings to create soothing spaces.

This handy guide to visual decluttering will empower you to reclaim your focus, peace of mind and sense of wonder.


Necessary reading for everyone who uses the internet -- Emma Dabiri, author of What White People Can Do Next

As the media and digital worlds have evolved significantly over the past few years, 
this book is the new Ways Of Seeing. A requisite reading. -- Sharmadean Reid, author of 'New Methods for Women'

It's very well researched and very informative to understand our visual consumption and how we can curate it. -- Laura Whitmore, author of 'No One Can Change Your Life Except For You'

Marine Tanguy has been at the forefront of visual storytelling for a long time. She has helped numerous young talents to achieve their potential. Now, for the first time, we can all benefit from her 
brilliant insights into how to use visual language effectively. This book will help you reclaim your sense of excitement about the (digital) world – highly recommended! -- Professor Christian Busch, PhD; author, Connect the Dots: The Art & Science of Creating Good Luck

In an era where we find ourselves bombarded and often manipulated by an incessant stream of visuals, 
The Visual Detox is an indispensable guide. It empowers us to decipher the potency of imagery and to reinvent our personal visual and digital environments, as well as those within our communities. -- Guillaume Cerutti, CEO, Christie's; author of 'Cultural Policy'

A set of principles for life, presented through a visual lens ... A guide to visual understanding that, just like MTArt, makes visual art accessible to the masses. If I’d have had this book ten years ago, the impact of my collaborative work could’ve been even more striking! -- Anne Marie Imafidon, CEO, Stemettes, author of 'She's in CTRL'

AI, fake news, rolling adverts... How to consume media without letting it consume you! This guide will help you reclaim your focus 1 day at a time -- Nicki Chapman, TV presenter

A timely manual that 
empowers the reader with both a consciousness of their visual reality, as well as tools to transform it. As a trailblazer in the art world [Marine] Tanguy is suitably placed to serve us as the trusted co-curator of our visual experience. -- Waqas Ahmed, executive director of the The Khalili Foundation and author of 'The Polymath'

As someone who is using social media less and less, leaving my phone in the kitchen through the day so the temptation to scroll while working from home is (almost) eliminated and reading books more in the evening, this book on 'Visual Detox' is 
incredibly timely -- Pippa Vosper, author of 'Beyond Grief'

About the Author

Marine Tanguy is the CEO and founder of the MTArt Agency, a talent agency based in London. She managed her first gallery aged 21 and then an art gallery in Los Angeles at 23. Tanguy was awarded Forbes’ 2018 30 under 30 along with other prizes from the NatWest Awards and WOTC Magazine. She is a writer and keynote speaker on contemporary art, art investment and how art can be used to shape our lives. Her talks include two TEDx Talks on how to transform cities with art and how social media visuals affect our minds.




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Formát: 13,8 x 20,4 cm
Rok vydání: 2024

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Visual Detox - Marine Tanguy
Visual Detox - Marine Tanguy
Visual Detox - Marine Tanguy
Visual Detox - Marine Tanguy

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