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Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen

Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen

399,00 Kč



    New York Times bestselling author Dan Heath asks what happens when we take our thinking upstream and try to prevent problems before they happen.When we shift our energies upstream, we stop dealing with the symptoms of problems and we start fixing problems.

    If we can stop crimes from being committed, we do not need to work to 'solve' crimes.If we can prevent chronic diseases from developing, we do not need to treat these diseases. If we can provide affordable housing, we do not need to provide shelter for the homeless.Looking to business, politics, and society, Dan Heath shows us that we have the capacity to solve some of our thorniest personal, organisational and societal issues. We just need to start to think about the system rather than the symptoms. Drawing on insights from his extensive research, as well as hundreds of new interviews with unconventional problem solvers, Dan delivers practical solutions for preventing problems rather than simply reacting to them.

    Release date: 2020
    Format: 197 × 399 mm
    Features: paperback, 320 pages