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Thank You for Arguing - Jay Heinrichs

Thank You for Arguing - Jay Heinrichs

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    Your ultimate guide to the art of winning arguments

    Everyone is always trying to persuade us of something: politicians, advertising, the media, and most definitely our families. Thank You for Arguing is your master class in the art of persuasion, taught by professors ranging from Bart Simpson to Winston Churchill. With all the wisdom of the ages, from classical oratory to contemporary politics and pop-culture, Thank You For Arguing shows you how to win more than your fair share of arguments, as well as:
    • How to shine at work, avoid speeding tickets, and outwit argumentative partners
    • Cicero's secrets to moving an audience, Donald Trump's savvy speechmaking, the art of giving a TED talk
    • Tactics like Setting Your Goals, Making Them Like You, Gaining the High Ground
    • Defuse an angry accuser and benefit from your own mistakes
    • The art of rhetoric, from eloquence and friendship to wit and irrefutable logic

    Written by one of today's most popular online language experts, Thank You For Arguing is brimming with time-tested rhetorical tips and persuasion techniques that will change your life. And that's not hyperbole.


    Release date: 2020
    Format: 129 × 198 mm
    Features: paperback, 408 pages