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Patience - Alice Le Hénand
Patience - Alice Le Hénand
Patience - Alice Le Hénand

Patience - Alice Le Hénand

320,00 Kč

    Waiting is hard!

    Whether it's waiting to play with a toy, to get home, or to see Mommy and Daddy, Little Kangaroo, Little Cat, and their friends are just not sure if they can learn to be patient. But as their grown-ups show them, there are lots of fun things to do while they wait! This newest title in the Pull and Play Books™ series provides reassurance and support through gently humorous situations. As they move the tabs to change the pictures, children will realize they are in control and learn to wait in a positive way. A timely and important addition to preschool books about social and emotional growth.

    • Features pull-tabs that control the changing pictures, empowering children to apply their newly learned knowledge to their own experience
    • Bright illustrations bring the storyline to life and help young readers connect with the message
    • Durable board book is just the right size for little hands to hold

    Fans of other books in the Pull and Play Books series will also enjoy the interactive learning and excitement found in Patience.
    • Great family read-aloud book
    • Books for baby–3 years old
    • Books for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school children


    Release date: 2020
    Features: Full color, hardcover, 14 pages