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Minimalist Packaging

Minimalist Packaging

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    • The application of minimalism in packaging is increasing in popularity around the world, particularly with regards to environmentally sustainable methods. This book helps to showcase empowering designs that focus on the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle, with the objective of maintaining sophisticated, elegant, creative, and unique packaging designs
    • The book takes a close look at successful strategies, but also includes many examples of less-than-successful case studies and the learnings from these to help designers improve their creative output and create optimal outcomes at the business end
    • With helpful tips throughout on how to marry function and beauty with a minimalist aesthetic, and rich, detailed photography of each concept, as well as informative analyses of each product, this book is a must-have for those looking to be at the top of their packaging design game
    Minimalism is not all about simplicity. However, simplicity is at the heart of minimalism. Ludwig Amir s van dear Rohe s well-known aphorism 'Less is more' clearly illuminated the essential theory of simplicity, of minimalism, and in the last fifty years of the minimalism movement, the definition of simplicity has shifted to a different time and space, and it now widely influences all design-related industries, including packaging. Starting with an overview of the concept of minimalism, this book goes on to showcase almost 70 interesting packaging design styles from around the world: from handmade decorative gifts to skincare products to stationery for women (yes, you read that correctly!). Each unique case study includes an in-depth analysis of its key design principles, including use of colour and negative space; brand management; sustainability themes materials and strategies; what works and doesn't work; and other fundamental concepts to bear in mind for the product and consumer or target market. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book is at the vanguard of design trends for a sophisticated clientele.

    About the Author : Chris Huang is an award-winning marketing design profession, graphic design agency owner, and design college professor in Chicago. She specialises in sales and marketing communication design solutions across all media in print, packaging, website, E-marketing and multimedia. Her client list includes: McDonald's Corporation, BP Amoco, Hyatt Hotel, CDW, Firestone, FedEx, 3Com, ABN AMRO, Rockwell, Johnson Controls, Harris Bank, Eli Lilly, HSBC Household, Wallace, William Mercer, Pechiney, Abbott Laboratory, Rubbermaid Commercial, World Dryer, and others.


    Release date: April 2019
    Format: 17,5 x 23,3 cm
    Features: paperback, 240 pages