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Math Without Numbers - Milo Beckman

Math Without Numbers - Milo Beckman

590,00 Kč



    'A cheerful, chatty, and charming trip through the world of mathematics and its relation to the world of people - and not a number in sight! Everyone should read this delightful book. Even mathematicians' Ian Stewart, author of Do Dice Play God?The only numbers in this book are the page numbers. The three main branches of abstract math - topology, analysis, and algebra - turn out to be surprisingly easy to grasp.Or at least, they are when our guide is a math prodigy. With forthright wit and warm charm, Milo Beckman upends the conventional approach to mathematics, inviting us to think creatively about shape and dimension, the infinite and the infinitesimal, symmetries, proofs, and all how all these concepts fit together. Why is there a million dollar prize for counting shapes? Is anything bigger than infinity? And how is the 'truth' of mathematics actually decided?A vivid and wholly original guide to the math that makes the world tick and the planets revolve, Math Without Numbers makes human and understandable the elevated and hypothetical, allowing us to clearly see abstract math for what it is: bizarre, beautiful, and head-scratchingly wonderful.


    Release date: 2021
    Format: 143×222 mm
    Features: hardcover, 224 pages