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Making Your Voice Heard, Connson Chou Locke

Making Your Voice Heard, Connson Chou Locke

399,00 Kč



    Why are some people more influential than others? What is it that makes people sit up and take notice? Making Your Voice Heard is a fresh take on how to successfully influence others, regardless of your gender or background.

    Drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Connson Chou Locke will look at why we are prone to miscommunicate and how to overcome these barriers. This practical guide, based on her hugely popular Guardian Masterclass, will help you hone your personal style, and enhance your presence and influence with ease.

    *The latest insights on influencing people who have more power than you
    *Gender in the workplace: how to sidestep unconscious bias
    *Energy and body cues: what does your body communicate about you?
    *Tips on how to make an impact and be seen as a leader
    *How to make a strong first impression
    *Practical exercises to help you communicate with confidence


    Release date: 2021
    Format: 153×234 mm
    Features: paperback, 288 pages