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Less Contact, More Impact
Less Contact, More Impact
Less Contact, More Impact

Less Contact, More Impact

870,00 Kč
    Can you build rapport with every customer you encounter on- and offline?

    Customers today demand an extremely personalised buyer experience: they want expert guidance throughout a customised buying process. By contrast, sales today are conducted 80% through digital tools and remote meetings. How are sales professionals to meet the challenge this 'phygital' process presents'?

    Less Contact More Impact lays the groundwork for you. Using the RIO method, it maps out your conversation partner’s buying preferences and provides you with an exact picture of what is needed to foster trust and collaboration.

    This book takes you to the heart of sales today and beyond. More than client typology, RIO represents the beginning of a new era in sales in which the authentic connection between customer and seller takes centre stage. By integrating this knowledge as seller, not only will you grow your revenue, but also your self-worth and the positive influence on the people around you.


    Product form: Hardback
    Number of pages: 186
    Dimensions: 250x180
    Publication date: 01/12/2020