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Humanizing strategy

Humanizing strategy

870,00 Kč


    Unique perspective that emphasises values, beliefs and emotions

    Are you serious about making your strategy a success?
    Do you have the patience to keep asking 'why'?
    Do you have the courage to take a less conventional approach?

    Strategy execution is complex. Roughly seventy percent of efforts at transformation fail. People in organizations struggle to focus on the right priorities, they fail to act in accordance with the strategic objectives, or they simply do not engage with the vision of their ceo.

    What if you could lead an organization where plans and decisions are executed; where a team acts as 'one team'; where people work together spontaneously across teams? What if you could lead an organization where people are inspired and committed to the strategy? What if you could build an organization with efficiency, values, trust and fun at its heart?

    This book provides you with new insights. It lays out an unconventional approach on how to humanize your strategy and really make it work. Based on leading research, real stories, case studies and practical tools, it shows how dealing consciously and effectively with human dynamics triggered by emotions, values and beliefs significantly impacts the performance of your organization and the successful realization of your strategy.


    Product form: Hardback
    Number of pages: 240
    Dimensions: 250x180
    Publication date: 04/02/2021