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High Impact Teaming
High Impact Teaming
High Impact Teaming
High Impact Teaming

High Impact Teaming

870,00 Kč
    Change your outlook and transform your team into a High Impact Team

    Teamwork is often messy, unpredictable and lacking in clarity. There is no such thing as a ready-made formula for effective collaboration. Even so, some teams are successful time after time, repeatedly achieving sustainable results. These are the High Impact Teams. They write their own formula for success and adjust it whenever necessary.

    High Impact Teaming will teach you how to work together purposefully, effectively and efficiently. It will help you to understand how you can get the best out of yourself, your team and each individual team member.


    Product form: Paperback
    Number of pages: 176
    Dimensions: 240x170
    Publication date: 08/09/2020