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Lost In 17 - Miami
Lost In 17 - Miami
Lost In 17 - Miami
Lost In 17 - Miami

Lost In 17 - Miami

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    LOSTiN works closely with local bloggers, journalists and photographers from the featured cities. The interviews, in-depth stories and photographic showcase present the city from a locals perspective. Throughout the 70 pages, the alternative guides allow you to discover interesting locations such as a hidden vineyard in Paris, or contemporary art in a WWII bunker in Berlin.

    LOSTiN is about the value and worth of the experience. It is about the smell, taste, feel, sound and sight that such experiences conjure up. This guide will serve to hone sensitivities and improve the level of engagement with this emerging city.

    Oysters in a 1930s gas station, fashion in a concrete carpark, art on the waterfront, Cuban juices, Haitian voodoo, a Nicaraguan gastro park… Get lost in the city of deco sunsets.


    Release date: 2017
    Format: 15,24 x 0,64 x 20,32 cm
    Features: Full color, paperback, 68 pages