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Slanted 35: Los Angeles - Actors Dealers Nannies

Slanted 35: Los Angeles - Actors Dealers Nannies

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    It is the city of hustlers and suckers and jerks and pornstars and extras and cops. By now you probably know which city we are talking about. Right, L.A.! And yes, L.A.’s Americanness can be so annoying. From the perspective of a European, Los Angeles is the opposite of our old metropolises: the tangled network of highways and the constant driving around, the emphasised nonchalance and never ending optimism of everyone, the sunny weather, the ingenious modernist architecture, the film industry, the tourists, and the eating habits (no gluten, no milk, only raw, not after six…) “Perhaps, just perhaps everything about this city gets on our nerves. Despite, or maybe because of all of this, L.A. is a fucking awesome city, both in the Biblical sense and the slang sense. This staggering awesomeness is fucking undeniable.”, states Slanted and delights us with their discoveries of really progressive, experimental, and lighthearted graphic design.⁠


    Release date: May 2020
    Format: 16 × 24 × 2 cm
    Features: Full color, paperback, 256 pages