Bühnen Räume Spaces

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Mark Lammert is a visual artist. His first work for the theatre is the space for Heiner Müller's production "Duell Traktor Fatzer" in the Berliner Ensemble in 1993. From this time, the basics of a scenic thought, which Mark Lammert realizes in reduced, abstract and at the same time concrete stage rooms and costumes beyond any decoration.His rooms never form an aesthetic additive for staging. They do not form an "environment" and do not strive for complementarity. They do not want to "fit", but they also do not insist on an autonomously charged autonomy. They do not move subtly into the background, but they expose themselves. They play with: Movable objects, light and colours, which are in constant, almost imperceptible movement and constantly changing, allow to change. Lammert's works for Heiner Müller, Jean Jourdheuil, Dimiter Gottscheff, Volker Schlöndorff and others are documented in a dramaturgy of images and texts, which seeks to satisfy these stage spaces.